Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Unusual Location # 1: Parking Garage

I want to encourage everyone to think outside the box a bit when selecting a portrait location outside your home. The first place that may come to mind may be the beach or a park, but after a while you will learn that there are some great portrait locations you would never think of. This shot was taken in a parking garage.

Why it works:

1) The cement walls of a parking garage provide an interesting, yet not-too-distracting background. They also reflect a neutral-colored light(the don't give off a bright red, yellow, etc color-cast).

2) The bright sunlight filtering through the open sides of the parking garage provides a lot of perfect, soft natural light.

Tips for working in this location:

1) I suppose it goes without saying that you need to take some precautions in a parking garage! The one I was in was not crowded, I had plenty of warning if someone were to be driving past the area I was photographing in and I had another adult with me to help corral my son.

2) Bright-colored clothing helps your child stand out from the neutral background

3) Make sure your child has at least one side of their face towards the light. My son's entire face is actually towards the light in the photograph.

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